Dana Kiesel, Ph. D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Office Hours:

Dr. Kiesel works Monday through Friday in a private practice setting. You may find her contact information on the Contact Dr. Kiesel page.


Dr. Kiesel can set up a free phone consultation when you call. After the consultation, you can decide whether to set up a first appointment in the office, or Dr. Kiesel can refer you to another professional if you need a different specialty or setting. Dr. Kiesel has many contacts within the psychological community and is happy to refer you to another appropriate professional or setting as needed.


Dr. Kiesel’s fees range from full fee to sliding scale. She will discuss fees with you when you call for a consultation. Her philosophy is that people should be able to afford therapy comfortably on a weekly basis and she will work with you to ensure that you are comfortable with the fee. If you cannot reach a mutual fee agreement, she can refer you to a different clinician or setting.


Dr. Kiesel is not a provider for any insurance companies. She will be happy to provide you with a super bill or a statement at the end of each month. You then can turn this into your insurance company to get reimbursement directly from them.


Dr Kiesel does not accept credit cards. Clients pay with check or cash when they come in for their regular session.

What Can Therapy Do For You?

Therapy can help you to gain insight, self-awareness and empowerment in your life. Dr. Kiesel will work with you to understand any issues and patterns of behavior that are holding you back at this point and time from achieving those things. She will help you to set goals for change and to work to achieve them. Therapy can give you the opportunity to gain personal strength and to make the best choices for yourself and your future.

What Kind of Clients Does Dr. Kiesel See in Therapy?

Dr. Kiesel has experience with many different clinical issues in the adult population. Her practice areas include eating disorders, anxiety, depression, mood disorders, relationship issues, Adult ADHD, PTSD, DID, LGBTQ, young adults in transition and more. She enjoys working with individuals, couples and adult families.

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